Cryptocurrency Syscoin (SYS) combines Bitcoin and Ethereum’s best features; its price is expected to continue rising through 2025

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December 31, 2021

The price of Syscoin is gaining momentum as the platform becomes more recognized for combining bitcoin and ethereum’s strengths, which may make the coin even stronger by being more secure and scalable.

Syscoin (SYS) Platform is an all-in-one Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain solution that combines industry-proven technology with cutting-edge applications. The project’s purpose is to create a system that will revolutionize blockchain technology by combining the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Syscoin transforms Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security and decentralization into a workable and scalable solution through Bitcoin merge-mining.

Layer-1 features of Syscoin (SYS) include unique Z-DAG technology for near-instant network transactions, ultra-low transaction costs, taproot, and a token platform, as well as compatibility with Bitcoin’s emerging Layer-2 improvements. Custom notary API, Fungible Tokens, NFTs, and Fractionalized NFTs are currently available on Syscoin’s token platform.

A masternode network on the Syscoin (SYS) Platform provides a scalable service layer as well as increased security via ChainLocks. Building on the Syscoin Platform gives you access to Network Enhanced Smart Contracts (NEVM), which take the best of Ethereum and boosts its processing capacity to allow you to run bigger, more complicated programs with ultra-low fees.

Price Movement – Syscoin 

At the time of writing, SYS is being traded at the rate of $0.9429 with an increase of almost 10% within the last 24 hours.

The low within this tenure was around $0.8474 and the high was approximately $1.04. The coin as being in the watchlist of many traders makes it rank all the way up to number 130th according to the latest data released by coin market cap.

SYS made its all-time high in the month of January 2013 where it reached an enormous amount of $230. At the moment it has a daily volume of $69,105825. It has increased about 100% within the last 24 hours. The total supply of SYS is now around 888M and the circulating supply is also 626M. SYS has a dominance of 0.03%.

Price Prediction – Syscoin (SYS)

SYS has been one of the most unsuccessful and powerful coins. The people have gained a lot, but the price has been continuously decreasing since the start of the project. Traders are not bullish on the project. The price of SYS has retraced back and is around the same price it had around the month of March 2020. According to the wallet investor, SYS is a good investment but not a really great one. The price of the coin is to reach a value of $1.035 in a year. In five years, the price is expected to reach around $1.940.


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